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Healthy white yam plant

Sweetable plantain

4 Years old of Orange plant

Taking care of Young Citronella plant.

Healthy growth of young pepper plants into the boxes

Seed of ail ready to penetrate the arable soil

Specific white yam plant

Another variety of plantain

Natural corn or maze

Young plant of Cocoyam

Maturity phase of Millet with its grains

Young plant of safou

Leafs of Inkeyee

Enriched microalgae + organic Selenium to produce new bio Oil

Avani Eco Bags, true ecological products, safe to consume for land and marine animals, Compostable and biodegradable

Leafs of soursop can relieve pain related to nerves, cancer and more

Naturally growing pawpaw

Pure palm nuts naturally cultivated

Leafs of kenkelebaa, used as spice and for its essential oil

Young pepper plants ready for new experiences.

Naturally taking care of young plantain plants

Unmature red pepper fruit

Leafs that cure Mycosis

King of herbs which cures numerous diseases

Healthy young plants of soy, ndinjaa and pepper

Healthy pure yellow yam plant

Healthy potato plants

Healthy plants of plantain

Healthy casava plants

Emerging seed of Piaagaan plant

Emerging potatoes plants

Boxes already occupied

Healthy avocado plant

Two varities of white yam

Young ananas plant

A new momentum

Exciting moments with this young pepper plant

Young pepper plant entering the hole of humus

Ready Furrow which will welcome new seeds


Plowing furrow, and placing new boxes

Hunting for humus 7

Hunting for Humus6

Hunting for humus4

Hunting for Humus 3

Humus hunting 2

Humus hunting

A sustainable and bio message

Plants of Ndinjaa, soy and potatoes

Ready place for tomato seeds